At Play

sketches on my workbenchI’m playing- experimenting with collage, drawing,  and dyeing on silk chiffon.  It’s GREAT… though I don’t know where this is leading me…Stitching  as a drawing line

paper and fiber sketches

fiber sketches

2 responses to “At Play

  1. I love silk chiffon too. How are you collaging onto it? When I’ve thought about it, I’ve thought that any collage element would stretch out the chiffon and it wouldn’t hang right. Thanks!

    • Well, I am stitching paper to the silk- and also layering other weights of silk. I mostly use what I have already dyed/drawn on, which is usually a lightweight china silk weave. And I’ve had a lot of fun with stitching different papers. I’ve really enjoyed recycled paper bags. It’s great contrast with the silk chiffon, and they add a lot of structure. I do get a lot of twist with the chiffon, but I am liking that. I’d love to know what you are layering the chiffon with and how you like the results.

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