The Scary Next Step…

Stretching the quilt backing onto the kitchen floor, then taping it, is a process in itself!  But my quilt day had just begun! 

Next there was placing down the batting and then pinning the quilt  top to it.

Stretcing the quilt and batting

 I am so HOPEFUL that I will like the results… but as this is my first time trying to machine stitch a quilt, I am not sure about this!

I am linking up with Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday.  I need the help of these experts!

4 responses to “The Scary Next Step…

  1. My process is a bit different, as I spray baste so don’t have to use pins. The most important part of machine stitching is to support the quilt on the left and in the back of the machine. Everything else is practice! Have fun and don’t stress over it.

    • Kathy,
      I think I am finding out the hard way about supporting the quilt- I can tell on my first few runs I am getting lots of pulling. And I have been wondering- since it is obviously drag- where does it need supporting? so- thanks… this it timely information to say the least!

  2. Good luck with this. I’m going to have to take this plunge soon myself. I’ve resisted learning to machine quilt. I hope it comes out beautifully or at the very least you learn a lot from it.

    • Thanks! Well, the first line I quilted on by beloved quilt top I HATED. I had LOTS of bull and twisting. The next few lines, though, were… better. Not great, but improved. So after the initial reaction, I do feel better about the whole thing. I have hope for progress!

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