Coincidence- Gift?

Walking quickly though a bookstore yesterday, to buy a magazine, I saw something amazing.  There, on a bargain bookshelf, a fabulous book. Priced at less than twice the cost of the magazine.

New Book

New Book


Of course I bought it.  The magazine, forgotten.

Rare to the point of being extremely unusual that I had entered the bookstore at all,  I moved quickly to the magazines, but the shelf was right in my path.  The book  was the only one of its kind, and the only one of this subject on the shelf.  Have you ever felt that something special just jumped right at you?

I realized later, that I hadn’t even really felt strongly about  buying a magazine and am not  sure why I had been so motivated to out out of my way to this bookstore on this particular day.    I ask myself…is it impossible to believe this book was a little gift?  I think it may have been…

Perusing the new book

Perusing the new book

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