Winter Tree Series Begun

Drawings in my sketchbook spurred me to a new series in process now.   Working on silk coated with Magic Sizing, and using a brush with very little dye, I can work with a linear quality I usually find in my pencil drawings.  Drawing on Silk

After steam setting this drawing, I can rinse out the Magic Sizing and start on the next layer.  I’ll be adding some color, so I will need to preserve the tree outlines with my water resistant gutta.  Gutta outlines on my grawing

After the gutta dries, I can add color.  Silk Dye over Drawing

After adding my silk dye, I tried to add a bit of texture with some salt, with little result on this painting.  My next stage will be some shadowing on the trees.  This painting is looking a bit underfinished to me, but I do like the direction it is heading.

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