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Winter Tree Series- Three Completed

Following last week’s setbacks, it was hard to tell how close these paintings were to completion.  A few  more steps on each, and I called them done.
Winter Tree Series- Orange SkyWinter Tree Series- Grey EveningWinter Tree Series- Yellow Sky


I’m linking up to Nina Marie Sayer’s Off the Wall Friday here.  I am ready to check it out for my weekly inspiration!

Stencils… And More Stencils….

Spraying over the StencilAfter the steamer disaster, I had to rework details on my three Winter Tree Series.  Back came the Magic Sizing- and I drew in details in faded and blurred areas.  Then steamed again…

Next, back came the stencils!  At this point, they were pretty soggy, but I did my best.    Also, I tried to keep pace with two other paintings, also at the stencil stage- so I did a lot of paper cutting.   For one area, I wanted a soft misty effect.  I tried to use cotton balls, pulled apart until wispy, to mask an area.  And- it worked!  Stencils- Used again...Stencils for River RocksDrying StencilsCotton as a stencil

Setback! New Steamer isn’t so great….

Silk bundle inside steamerI’ve used this steamer for years- it is coated in teflon, and the inside bottom is scratched and therefore compromised, so I took it from kitchen use and devoted it to studio use.    However, if you let teflon pans boil dry they can release a toxic fume.  Well, I let this one boil dry- it did smell TERRIBLE and I think it made some smoke.  I quickly aired out the house, but decided then and there to get another steamer.

Here’s the new one!  But- I found it doesn’t work as easily as my old one!  And… found out the hard way…

New SteamerAfter steaming my three Winter Tree Series paintings , I found that I had areas that washed out, faded areas, fugitive dyes,and  dye transfers.  Wow.  I rarely had any of these problems before.

I think that the new steamer has more problems with condensation- and also the lighter inside of the pot may not keep the environment as hot.  I’m working now to save these paintings…




Wordless Wednesday

Winter Trees at Dusk

Winter Tree Series Begun

Drawings in my sketchbook spurred me to a new series in process now.   Working on silk coated with Magic Sizing, and using a brush with very little dye, I can work with a linear quality I usually find in my pencil drawings.  Drawing on Silk

After steam setting this drawing, I can rinse out the Magic Sizing and start on the next layer.  I’ll be adding some color, so I will need to preserve the tree outlines with my water resistant gutta.  Gutta outlines on my grawing

After the gutta dries, I can add color.  Silk Dye over Drawing

After adding my silk dye, I tried to add a bit of texture with some salt, with little result on this painting.  My next stage will be some shadowing on the trees.  This painting is looking a bit underfinished to me, but I do like the direction it is heading.

Working in a Series

What is more enjoyable than being outdoors on a beautiful day sketchbook in hand?  Sketching in my garden last summer proved to be very motivating.  I enjoyed the process, and felt that some of the work I did had enough creative energy to fuel a number of paintings.  Here’s the sketch that fueled my creative path this fall…Lily Sketch

Here are some of the paintings produced this fall, inspired my my sketch…

Yellow Lillies

I found working in a series a challenge, and I did love it.  The down side seemed to be that some paintings lost spontaneity.  Honestly, I would say that is the case with the one above!

Lillies Bursting

This one turned out better, I think!

The up side seemed to be the link I felt between my drawing skill and what is showing up in my finished paintings is getting stronger.  I recognize my joy in linear play, and as I became more familiar with the shapes I had created, I strengthened them a bit as I went along.

Lillies in the Rain

In this one, I tried to retain the sketch feeling…Sketch Garden View

Green Garden Lillies I never felt like I had the “final say” with any of these paintings, or captured quite what I had imagined.  Still, one summer sketch occupied most of my creative output this fall.   I still feel there is  lot of learning to do from these paintings before I put this series totally behind me.  I’d love to hear from others working in a series- the pittfalls, the upsides, and all.