Confused by the new Dupont Dyes?

Reordering Dupont colors lately has been a challenge!  With Dupont dropping their selection of colors so significantly, and changing and renaming their new offerings, I’ve had to really sort through my old records to try to make sense of what I might be able to replace. One old favorite looks gone for good!  But here’s what I have been sorting through…

When I bought a big batch of Dupont  dye colors from Dharma Trading years ago, February 2004,  I made a color chart.   Now that Dupont has scaled down their selection, and renamed so many colors as well, I thought I’d revisit my chart.

My color chart pictured shows the colors I ordered, with the OLD numbers.  I used a 1:1 dilute for the color strength, and a medium  (.07mm I think) gutta applicator tip.

Here is my list of my colors, with the old numbers, and what I found that corresponded to the new numbers.
In the blue range:

  • Bleuet # 526 (there is a new color named Bleuet, though not the same.)
  • Limoges #314 … new# 205
  • Bleu Roy #108 …new #265

In the red family:

  • Cerisette #390 … new # 460
  • Fuchsia #353 (there is a new color named Fuschia though not the same.)
  • Camellia #474 …gone
  • Muira# 801 … new # 409N

In the green range:

  • Veronese # 354 …gone… MY FAVORITE!
  • Amande #402 … new # 616
  • Menthol # 807 … gone

And my favorite, the yellows:

  • Helianthe # 330 … new # 702
  • Canari  ? (I am not sure)
  • Cigare #413  …new# 811N

Does anyone else have comments about the  new Dupont Dye system ? Or can anyone let me know how Dupont compares to other brands?   I hope my chart  helps to sort out some questions with the new Dupont dyes.  I will be ordering more dyes  soon, I think, and hope to answer some more questions then.  Especially this one… WHAT WILL REPLACE MY BELOVED VERONESE # 354?!

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