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Wordless Wednesday

Qulting with Cat

New start

New start

Sketch cat completed

My drawing developed into a painting I chose to finish by cropping it close, for composition sake.  This color palette is not so familiar to me- out of my comfort zone for sure.  Not a jewel tone to be seen…o.k., that is not strictly true.  I do have a bit of bright blue… but still, I did find working with the earth tones of the cat and blanket unfamiliar enough to feel unsettling.  As I worked, the cat had been a darker hue than the blanket, but I felt there was not enough contrast, and went much darker with the fur.

Finished painting under contemplation

Also, I DID challenge myself earlier this month to work with creating shapes, as well as work linearly.  My attempt to do this was the tuxedo area under the cat’s chin.  I do like the results there…

In retrospect, I feel that the drawing was stronger than the finished painting… both in terms of the initial dye sketch and the gutta lines creating the space of the blanket.  Still, I count this painting as successful.  I am happy with the realization of a painting from a live sketch.

Sketch work

Sketching seems to bring out some good energy in my work.  I am hoping to keep that energy all the way through to the completed painting.  My brown dry brush lines seem loose enough, and the gutta lines are working with the drawing so far.  Still, things change fast when I begin to add color!

Embroidered Cat

So I have let embroidery enter my silk world a bit now, for the first time here!  This was a blast, and I will probably keep incorporating this type of stitching .   

Sketchbook Notes

Drawing from life, I find more inspiration, and a healthy dose of humility.  My skills are  not as polished as I would like!  Still, I find that it fuels my creativity.  I have three paintings going at the moment based on this sketch- and in one of them I have begun to incorporate embroidery stitching for the first time.  Here’s the sketch…