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Doodles- Happy Valentines Day!

Quilt top in progress

This quilt top has been a challenge from the beginning!  My design ideas and what this quilt wants are two separate things, to tell the truth.   I go one direction, this quilt demands another.  This quilt has had strips pieced not used, fabric purchased then rejected, fabric hand dyed, then not used… etc.  Even the post regarding this quilt has been a re-do!

Finally I am nearing completion… I think!  The plan is to purchase more fabric for borders.  Actually I hate to break up the horizontal flow, yet it is not close to the size I wanted.  So, one final design alteration for this quilt- the borders- and then it will be done.  Whew!

Inspired to Doodle…

Everywhere I look these days I see wonderful art inspired by doodles…. and artists writing about being inspired by the creative spirit behind doodling.  I’ve taken this to heart…

I have joined the Sketchbook challenge to participate in January’s Month of Doodling! Here is one of the doodles I have created…

Hand Dyed Cotton

Here is the final result of the blue and green hand dyed cotton.

I was very happy with the effect, and the color saturation came our as full as I had hoped.

Successful experiment

My favorite area of this painting is the upper right.  I had tried to bring the contrast up with my second layer, and feel that it was successful. 

Completed Autumn Leaves

I completed the painting of the autumn leaves.  The negative spaces of the wide gutta lines of the boughs, and the blurring of the paint-on-paint near them, pleased me the most in this painting.  I will be working with those ideas in my next few paintings…


As paintings get a bit looser, more of my drawing style shows up in the final product.  At the moment I am playing with dry brush lines as well as loosely flowing dye.  This sketch incorporates more than I have done with dry brushing to date.

Work Continues…

Work continues on my painting of autumn leaves.  Completing the first steaming, now I stretch it again and add some contrasts and finer lines.   It will get another steaming before the end.

All about a line

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