The Scary Next Step…

Stretching the quilt backing onto the kitchen floor, then taping it, is a process in itself!  But my quilt day had just begun! 

Next there was placing down the batting and then pinning the quilt  top to it.

Stretcing the quilt and batting

 I am so HOPEFUL that I will like the results… but as this is my first time trying to machine stitch a quilt, I am not sure about this!

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At Play

sketches on my workbenchI’m playing- experimenting with collage, drawing,  and dyeing on silk chiffon.  It’s GREAT… though I don’t know where this is leading me…Stitching  as a drawing line

paper and fiber sketches

fiber sketches

Painting and Drawing on Silk Chiffon

Silk dye drawing level of transparencyI’ve  started experimenting on silk chiffon.  Wow- what a great fabric. Soft, strong, and it takes the dye great.   I started the underdrawing with my silk dyes, dried out so the lines would stay, and also used magic sizing on the chiffon.  Dyes  being prepped

Here the dyes are drying a bit- when the water evaporates almost all the way it works great for delicate lines and brushwork.

The drawing worked wonderfully on the magic-sizing prepped chiffon. silk chiffon in dye processAfter steam setting the drawing, I painted it as well, again with the silk dyes and magic sizing.   The chiffon works great- the colors spring out vivid, and the details very sharp.    Day Lillies on silk chiffon

And the transparency- it fascinates me.  I love the chiffon with just the drawing, and then again with the painting effect.  Day Lillies painting on chiffon level of transparency

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Wordless Wednesday


Beginnings…. Journey- Works In Costume

Puzzling over linguistics…

I say often that silk is my media… sometimes I say I work in textiles.  I have begun some works now, and want to say that my media is COSTUME.

Meaning garments that refer to fashion history and all it’s meanings- but also, a work of art, one that might portray reality or not, one that might have layers of meaning or observation like a drawing or a textile work. 

There are so many artists working with clothing in this way- but how to describe it? Succinctly- as a category, the way a media is a category…

Cartridge pleating on garment

Cartridge pleating on garment

Quilt Squares for Round Robin…

Working on the “Round Robin” project for the Asheville Modern Quilt Guild …Quilt Square ProgressConnie’s artistry blows me away.  So… now it is my turn to add a square.   Her square is both painterly and precise.  So- how can I contribute?….

I think of my visual vocabulary.  My curves are predominant, as well as the improv compositions I use. That is what I go with here. First Square

Yet I am not liking the results.  It surely does no justice to Connie’s work!  My square seems too busy, not coherent enough.    Curved Pieces

Here’s my next attempt- the curves seem more coherent, and the large negative space seems to calm it.  The meeting last night filled me with inspiration- thanks to all the members for your help and creative energy!

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Wordless Wednesday

Chimney Rock View


Wordless Wednesday

Urban Railroad Scene

Tulips- A Quick Painting

April Tulips EmergingI’ve gotten accustomed to using a variety of techniques in my recent work, and steaming the silk between each step.  I streamlined my process for Tulips, hoping to capture some spontaneity.

I created a line drawing on silk treated with Magic Sizing, then steamed it.  Next I used gutta lines to block out my drawing, and added blocks of color.  Tulips

After this steaming, I’ve added details.  And- I think it is done.  I’ll get a final picture after I stretch it…


Wordless Wednesday

April Tulips Emerging