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Spray dyeing

Now with a newly cleaned and freshened studio, I jump back into some work!  When I look at this unfinished sketch, it looks a bit sterile.

2014-08-03 13.37.43

I think some texture would help.  So I apply the spray starch to the stretched silk and let it dry.  I cover the cat with  a torn paper  shape to shield it from the spray.

And since I’ve been working with painted paper lately too, I plan to save the paper for later.

Next I  spray it with some dye from a misting bottle.  And I like the results.  2014-08-03 13.50.05



This spurs me on!  I work on another, with lots of torn paper to  form a stencil.  2014-08-03 15.03.27And the paper itself is interesting.

I’ll save it for later.  The dye penetrates the brown paper, and dyes both sides.

2014-08-03 13.54.53

Painting and Drawing on Silk Chiffon

Silk dye drawing level of transparencyI’ve  started experimenting on silk chiffon.  Wow- what a great fabric. Soft, strong, and it takes the dye great.   I started the underdrawing with my silk dyes, dried out so the lines would stay, and also used magic sizing on the chiffon.  Dyes  being prepped

Here the dyes are drying a bit- when the water evaporates almost all the way it works great for delicate lines and brushwork.

The drawing worked wonderfully on the magic-sizing prepped chiffon. silk chiffon in dye processAfter steam setting the drawing, I painted it as well, again with the silk dyes and magic sizing.   The chiffon works great- the colors spring out vivid, and the details very sharp.    Day Lillies on silk chiffon

And the transparency- it fascinates me.  I love the chiffon with just the drawing, and then again with the painting effect.  Day Lillies painting on chiffon level of transparency

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie Sayre’s Off the Wall Friday– check it out!

Tulips- A Quick Painting

April Tulips EmergingI’ve gotten accustomed to using a variety of techniques in my recent work, and steaming the silk between each step.  I streamlined my process for Tulips, hoping to capture some spontaneity.

I created a line drawing on silk treated with Magic Sizing, then steamed it.  Next I used gutta lines to block out my drawing, and added blocks of color.  Tulips

After this steaming, I’ve added details.  And- I think it is done.  I’ll get a final picture after I stretch it…

Salt Resist Technique- Checking the Details

Salt resist on silk

Here’s my salt resist recipe :

One cup Table Salt

Five Cups Boiling Water

I let the salt dissolve, took the pan off the heat, and submerged the painting.  after a few minutes I removed the painting.  Once it had drip dried a bit (and cooled), I hung it to finish drying.

The next day, when it was completely dry, I could see the salt crystals on the fabric.  The photo shows how saturated the painting will be with the resist, with this salt recipe.  So now I am ready to use my stencils and spray bottles with my dye.

Water and Rocks – in progress

Another work in progress is Water and Rocks, from a recent sketch.  The drawing layer came out nicely- the dried dye I used to “draw” with seems quite vibrant  on the white silk.   (Sometimes I find that my greens do not have as much luminosity when used this way…)  So- my challenge here is to move forward while retaining enough simplicity to reflect the sketch.

Water and Rocks beginning stage

On another note… Thank you to a generous textile artist  for providing some major inspiration.  I have linked up to her Off the Wall Friday.  And have really enjoyed her blog.  Thanks, Nina-Marie, for your insightful writing on your creative endeavors, and on your lovely textile work!