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Design Wall- Another Step towards Intuitive Working

This documents my first use of a design wall to plan a quilt.  And what a complete change of process- I had no idea the change would be so immediate, and… so demanding.The process felt like an immediate plunge into cold water- initially terrifying and then invigorating.  My first creative block- a HUGE and somewhat irrational fear of cutting fabric to begin composing the quilt design.

I had no idea that the idea of only cutting when you know the cut is right, and that you are saving the most fabric had been so deeply trained into me.  I really struggled to let go of the fear of cutting fabric WITHOUT knowing that the cut would be right the first time.  Would I be wasting all my fabric?!  Getting past this block took some courage.

Then, an instant and total change in the design process- MUCH more painterly, cerebral.  I found myself having to become very still to focus, take in the dynamics of each design, and then consider so slowly the dynamics of a possible change.  It was exhilarating!  It was exhausting!

Here is a quote from Nancy Crow, leading artist and quilter, discussing her studio  process.  “I love being inside my brain and pushing myself to think in ever more complex ways because I know the ideas are there for the taking.”  Nancy Crow works in an especially intuitive design method.  I think this quote gives me a hint to what will be demanded from me with this path.  I will have to develop the skill of thinking in complex ways about a composition under design… and I will have to take it on faith at the moment that the ideas are there for the taking!

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