Beginnings…. Journey- Works In Costume

Puzzling over linguistics…

I say often that silk is my media… sometimes I say I work in textiles.  I have begun some works now, and want to say that my media is COSTUME.

Meaning garments that refer to fashion history and all it’s meanings- but also, a work of art, one that might portray reality or not, one that might have layers of meaning or observation like a drawing or a textile work. 

There are so many artists working with clothing in this way- but how to describe it? Succinctly- as a category, the way a media is a category…

Cartridge pleating on garment

Cartridge pleating on garment

3 responses to “Beginnings…. Journey- Works In Costume

  1. OOh…cool pleats, & beautiful fabric!

  2. could you please email me directly – you are set to a “no reply” and I can’t find your email – thanks!

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