Quilt Squares for Round Robin…

Working on the “Round Robin” project for the Asheville Modern Quilt Guild …Quilt Square ProgressConnie’s artistry blows me away.  So… now it is my turn to add a square.   Her square is both painterly and precise.  So- how can I contribute?….

I think of my visual vocabulary.  My curves are predominant, as well as the improv compositions I use. That is what I go with here. First Square

Yet I am not liking the results.  It surely does no justice to Connie’s work!  My square seems too busy, not coherent enough.    Curved Pieces

Here’s my next attempt- the curves seem more coherent, and the large negative space seems to calm it.  The meeting last night filled me with inspiration- thanks to all the members for your help and creative energy!

I’m linking up to Off the Wall Friday – all those gifted artists give me my weekly inspirational fuel…

4 responses to “Quilt Squares for Round Robin…

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. you asked about the Ramshackle series. It is as you thought, cut away the drawing lines.

  2. I’m not a silk painter but have enjoyed looking at your blog. You talk about magic sizing–are you just using the magic sizing starch product or are you mixing up something special?

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