Tulips- A Quick Painting

April Tulips EmergingI’ve gotten accustomed to using a variety of techniques in my recent work, and steaming the silk between each step.  I streamlined my process for Tulips, hoping to capture some spontaneity.

I created a line drawing on silk treated with Magic Sizing, then steamed it.  Next I used gutta lines to block out my drawing, and added blocks of color.  Tulips

After this steaming, I’ve added details.  And- I think it is done.  I’ll get a final picture after I stretch it…

4 responses to “Tulips- A Quick Painting

  1. Love it! How do you display your pieces?

  2. beautiful work, do you do multiple steamings to set colors in stages for your silks? The layering and vibrancy is stunning. The tip on erasing with alcohol was also very helpful, hopefully it works to fade out the color even if it has dried, as i have to wait for the morning to go buy rubbing alcohol. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge.

    • Thank you so much, kc. And sorry about the delay in my response- I have been away from my electronic media for a while- and missing it!

      I do multiple steaming on each work, to set colors as I go. And as far as fading out the color even it it has dries, I am not sure. I’ve sometimes struggled with the feathery dark lines that form around areas going from dry to wet. Still, I am not sure. I’d love to know what your experience was with your work drying overnight. Did you try it?

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