Winter Tree Series- Three Completed

Following last week’s setbacks, it was hard to tell how close these paintings were to completion.  A few  more steps on each, and I called them done.
Winter Tree Series- Orange SkyWinter Tree Series- Grey EveningWinter Tree Series- Yellow Sky


I’m linking up to Nina Marie Sayer’s Off the Wall Friday here.  I am ready to check it out for my weekly inspiration!

8 responses to “Winter Tree Series- Three Completed

  1. did you hear me say hhhmmmmm – (because wow that’s pretty is lame but who can think of proper adjectives when you still are marveling at the use of line and color?) I do like how this makes one wonder what is above and below – I mean we all know what is above a tree and below a tree – but this piece makes you really wonder.

  2. Your tree series is amazing! Beautiful work!

  3. I’,m so glad you posted on my blog because your post brought me to your blog. I love the tree series, the line and color used are beautiful. Where do you live in Western NC? I’, just over the boarder in SC.

  4. Your reaching trees are lovely and evocative, like hands reaching for the sky.

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