Modern Quilt Top Completed- now for the hard part…

Tux loves the quilt top.This week I constructed the modern quilt top I’ve been designing.  Th goal has been to keep it very simple,  using an offset square within a square design, and keeping lots of negative space around the blocks.  I was gifted the wonderful batiks, and I dyed the pink solid fabric.  When I started working on the layout on the floor, of course my cat had to join in. Tux helps design the quilt top...

Here’s the finished quilt top after damp ironing it- on the line outside…Now the next task is to QUILT it… the hard part begins! I’ll link up here at Nina Marie Sayre’s Off the Wall Friday, and check out the other textile artists’ work. Modern Quilt Top on clothesline






5 responses to “Modern Quilt Top Completed- now for the hard part…

  1. I do think picking out just the right quilting for a piece is hard – I always call it the Zen of quilting – like I have my inner voice help me. One word of advice – make sure the composition of the piece agrees with the quilting line design. Its always nice when they play nicely! Can’t wait to see it – love to see the spring breeze there – we have 3″ of snow here today!

    • Yes, I am feeling very intimidated by the next step! To be really safe, sticking with parallel lines is my first choice. I am thinking of introducing a vine pattern inside the smallest blocks- but that seems a risk. It can go wrong, I think! And, the spring breeze was a surprise- warmer than I realized! No snow, that’s for sure!

  2. Love the idea of doing a modern quilt with hand dyed fabrics. I have oodles of batik dyed fabric semi-solids so I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

    • Thanks, Nancy. The solid fabric was what I had dyed- I will say that I did get some red dots and “freckles” in spite of using a fine sieve and dissolving the dye- I wish I had used another dissolving agent of some kind. But other than that, I was pretty happy with the way the color turned out.

  3. Very nice! The pattern is very nice and the batiks and hand dyes are beautiful!

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