Afternoon Sun with Tuxie

Home with a bad cold- and a worse mood.  Poor Tuxie is complaining- she hasn’t been out for days.  Though I really don’t feel up to it, I take her out for a “walk”.

She gets excited when she knows we are going out, so she lets me put her harness on.  And out we go- it is warmer than I thought.   We hear lots of birdsong… a woodpecker trying to find insects, a faint cry of a hunting hawk, and some loud unfamiliar bird calls near the creek.

Backyard Woods

Tuxie perches on her favorite “throne”- a pile of cinder blocks at the edge of the scruffy woods bordering the back yard.  We observe another cat just on the other side of the scruffy border- almost out of view.  Tuxie is mesmerized- and the two cats become surrounded by little birds overhead in the low bushes.  Are the birds trying to keep a close eye on the cats?  This lasts until my loud sneeze startles everyone- and all but Tuxie disappear.


I feel part of the world again- still sneezing but happier now.

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