Refreshed Spirits; Not so, Body…

Thank God for yesterday.  A day free from work, minimal chores… camera in hand, I drove into the heart of my beloved hometown ready for  creative photography and a free spirited walk around the city.

So many special unremarked places in Asheville… I have been wanting to do this for some time.  And the weather was perfect.  The light could not have been better.  Everyone I saw or interacted with seemed to have high spirits.  I lost rack of time, covering lots of ground.

From bright mid-day throough full dark, with a mysterious, beautiful sky and pretty moon.  I savored it all.  When I turned the key in the lock at home, coming in much later than I had planned, I felt a strange and burning scratch in my throat.  Yes, a small sore throat started, and is in full fury today.  But in spite of the body’s protests, my spirit is happy and fulfilled after my adventure yesterday.

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