New Dyes From DuPont

Painting in progress showing new Dupont color

New dyes arrived in the mail last week, so I am giving them a try.  Actually I am out of my FAVORITE colors so I don’t have much of a choice!  “Myrthe” # 610 stands in now to replace my beloved “Vert Feuillage” #620.  The result- you can see a bit of difference with the small splashes of the Vert Feuillage in some pale leaves around the cat.  The Myrthe is the bright vivid dye on the outer shapes.  It has dried since this photo to a minty, cool green.  I’ll try to get a truer photo tomorrow.  Totally not satisfactory to replace my big favorite.

Also in this photo, but harder to see, I am auditioning “Citron” 626.  I like it so far, but fortunately for me, it does not have to replace my other favorite, “Helianthe”, as it seems to be available from Dharma.  Last week they did not have it.  As Dharma said on it’s website, “DuPont is a mess.”  Ordering seems to be a bit crazy.  I’m hoping for some more choices in the vivid green department.

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