Tending and Mending

Quilt dries on laundry line

After washing and drying my favorite handmade quilt, I discovered a hole in the quilt top.

A mistake … revealed years later In some places my seam allowance was too skimpy!  And now years later a piece has pulled loose.

A good decision… revealed years later.  I saved small scraps of this quilt top, for years in my fabric stash.  So I had pieces of the original fabric with which to mend.

After much deliberation back when constructing this quilt, I decided to machine piece the top, and hand stitch the quilting.  I have never regretted this- I think the machine stitching gave the quilt strength and the hand stitching gave it texture.  The texture has developed over the years into something really nice- so I do not regret the massive time it took to stitch!

I have always loved the Liberty fabrics I was fortunate enough to use for some of this quilt.  I bought pieces of it- as much as I could afford, which was a TINY amount- back when I was a student in St. Louis over twenty years ago.  I have searched out Liberty quilting fabric since then.  Yet it seems different.  Mine had such a wonderful hand that the cotton feels like silk.  Can anyone tell me if I can still get Liberty fabric with that same feel?  Perhaps the thread count has changed, or another finishing technique.  Anyway, I’d be interested to know what others have experienced as far as Liberty cotton then (way back then) and now.

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