Pick Up the Pace

Four paintings a month.  That is my progress… for about a year.  Really,  I have had no particular complaints about this in the past.  And the creation and participation in the creative process– that is the important element for me.  Selling my artwork is not my FIRST priority.

Actually to tell the whole truth,  I have had a protective attitude towards my silk painting process.  I know all too well that forcing a creative project to become a commercial endeavor has dangers for the creative process.  Simply put, it can suck the life out of it.  Make it stale.  Repetitive.  Not life affirming, but something to dread.

Recently, I’ve realized that there might be an up side to commercial participation.  Yes, money of course.  But beyond that, affirmation.  Approval for works done well.  The freshness that comes from a quickening practice.  Interaction with peers- and learning from those who produce works very well.  All of this seems to contribute to the creative process, not necessarily tear it down.

So this awareness is coming to me at just the right time… I needed some freshness.  Help for a creative process that had become sluggish.

Blistering July morning air dries silk paintings in progress.

All of this is to say- it’s time to pick up the pace.  I’m attempting to raise the production past FOUR.

Has anyone tried this in their own silk painting production?  Or other creative endeavors?  I think there will be a lot of habits that will need to change, and learning that will have to happen.  I’m interested to hear advice from anyone willing to help me on this path!

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