Learning about using Magic Sizing as a Resist

Thanks to some great internet information, I have begun to learn a new silk painting process.  I saw some information about it in several different sources, which took me along a path revealing details about this intruiging method.

Artist and silk painting master Karen Sistek has developed the method of using a spray starch as an anti- fusant.  Her work is amazing; such detail and control, paired with bold composition. Karen has unselfishly described her techniques and shares her knowledge freely.  I found two other sources describing this technique and both give credit to her.

Francine Dufour Jones has disseminated Karen’s discussion of this technique on her wonderful website dedicated to sharing tips for silk painters.  Francine’s wonderful site constantly educates and inspires me.  To read Francine’s post, look under the Magic Sizing category.

Finally, artist Husna Rafath  has created a You Tube Video demonstrating her method inspired by Sistek’s  method.  I really enjoyed this video- the music is beautiful, and I love the way Rafath put it together.  She also includes her own twist on the method-  that of mixing small amounts of dye directly into a small container with Magic Sizing.  She says this idea came to her as a way of preserving the Magic Sizing and being thrifty with it… I think her innovation is very creative.

I became interested in this method as I learned about it from these sources.  I have been doing my own experimenting, and will write about that soon.  I am very grateful to these three artists and silk painters who have so generously shared their knowledge.  .

2 responses to “Learning about using Magic Sizing as a Resist

  1. Hi there, I have been a batik painter since college years 1991 in Malaysia and continue to do surface painting on silk while doing my masters at Savannah College of Art…I have not been practicing my art for a long time and now I am trying to get back into surface painting. I was also looking to cut down on using wax technique and dont want to spend so much money on buying gutta as it is very expensive here in Istanbul where I am living. I have been meaning to start painting watercolor techniques with my procion dyes and looking into other technique of painting. I found Karent Sistek work to be simillar to my subject matter which is close up of flowers in early years of batik painting. I also found your site and your description on MS is a great help to me. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you Shazlina for your comment. I love hearing from you and wish you the best with your studies and your work. I too learned silk painting at just about the same time, 1991! I had a wonderful teacher at my college in St. Louis, Missouri. And a few years earlier I had visited the Savannah College of Art. I remember how beautiful it was and the incredible creative and professional student artwork on display. It made quite an impression on me, and I’ve never forgotten that visit! I would love to see pictures of your work, if you’d like to share them. Thanks for the comment, and have a great spring!

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