Working from my Sketchbook

Recently I have come to appreciate the time spent in sketching for a variety of reasons.  I  mentioned in a previous post the creative energy I have found from doodling… something I had previously enjoyed but dismissed as having little value.  Now I can add another reason to love sketching- the creative generative power of one sketch to fuel multiple paintings.

I did this sketch several months ago, and felt at the time I had achieved some things I wanted to continue to work on in a painting.  Here is a silk painting created from this sketch:

Later I returned to the sketch, and continued to feel a burst of creative energy from it.   So here in the next painting; in it  I have used a new technique I am beginning to learn:  So there have been several finished paintings made based on the seed of the sketch.  I have found this a very satisfying way to work.  The medium of silk painting is so immediate, it can be restricting.  But working with the sketch, I have been able to explore some additional possibilities.

2 responses to “Working from my Sketchbook

  1. Hello! Just clicking around and came to your blog on the ring. I have to say the fluidity in the mark and the medium really speak to one another in your last painting in a very beautiful way. The find the color lovely and harmonious as well.

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