Working Intuitively- Beginning of my quilting process

Working intuitively on quilting has been a goal of mine for a while, but I needed a push to get going with it.  I was without a method, and did not know how to begin.  Fortunately I had some help- one of the things that helped me begin was encountering this tutorial quilt pattern by Debbie Bowles at Maple Island Quilts.  The pattern is called Eureka.

Eureka features bars of color that seem to float and recede, with curves gently making a vertical pattern within a loose grid.  The pattern teaches the technique of stacking fabric strips, cutting freeform curves, and joining them to create the piece work that forms the quilt.  It’s a wonderful technique, very easy and produces great results.  Here is a detail from my finished quilt top with a section that follows the Eureka pattern.

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