Quilt top in progress

This quilt top has been a challenge from the beginning!  My design ideas and what this quilt wants are two separate things, to tell the truth.   I go one direction, this quilt demands another.  This quilt has had strips pieced not used, fabric purchased then rejected, fabric hand dyed, then not used… etc.  Even the post regarding this quilt has been a re-do!

Finally I am nearing completion… I think!  The plan is to purchase more fabric for borders.  Actually I hate to break up the horizontal flow, yet it is not close to the size I wanted.  So, one final design alteration for this quilt- the borders- and then it will be done.  Whew!

2 responses to “Quilt top in progress

  1. Amanda, from an old experienced quilter, I have a bit of advice: Don’t put a border on this quilt! I think it would, as you say, disturb the horizontal flow of the quilt. Does it just HAVE to be wider? I like it as it is!

    • Alice, Thanks for taking a look at the quilt. I’ve been wondering if I would be happy with a border on it or not. I appreciate your advice and your visual instincts. I think I will follow it, and go with no border. Thanks!

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