More Dyeing: A better process for cotton dyeing

After three attempts to get the saturated color I wanted for my last experiment, which was a bright pink-red, I tried again.  This time, the color was deeper and far more dramatic.

I used just under a cup of sodium carbonate, dissolved it in about a gallon of water, and soaked the 2 yards of cotton fabric in it for several hours.  Here’s where I changed my method:

I placed the fabric, carefully bunched to produce a mottled effect, into an aluminum tray (a turkey roasting pan).  I dissolved the procion dye with a small amount of water, and again poured it through a strainer several times from container to container.  I used about three or four teaspoons of navy blue. At this point, I mixed it with some of the reserved soda carbonate water to form my dyebath, and poured it over my fabric.  I did the same with a mixture of navy and green procion dye, and poured that over as well.  The dyebath covered the fabric abut three quarters up, with peaks emerging from the dyebath.  I covered the whole thing with plastic and let it sit for hours.

Cotton in blue dyebath

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