Dyeing Cotton, continued…

For my project I chose plain white 100% cotton sheeting.  I will be dyeing about 2 yards.  I found exactly what I needed at a great store nearby, Kitch Fabrics.  I found the dye and the washing soda at EarthGuild downtown. Thanks to Amy at Kitch Fabrics for a such a great and affordable fabric selection, and thanks to the folks at EarthGuild for great help with the dye supplies. I feel really lucky that I was able to gather the supplies so easily.

So, I started by washing the cotton in hot water.  Then I soaked it in a solution of 1 cup washing soda to one gallon water for about 20 minutes.  After that I made the dyebath, with about 4 teaspoons of dye, perhaps not enough.

The fabric sat in  the dyepot in a crumpled, intentionally swirled heap, left folded in the neat half fold pattern it started with on the bolt.  I used the bottom portion of my steamer as the dyepot, as it will never be used for food of course, and it is the smallest container I have that will accomodate this size project.  Being super frugal I could not stand the idea of making a strong enough dye bath to get the color I wanted  in the washing machine,  and washing most of it away! The effect I am hoping for is a mottled, slightly patterned fabric with gentle hue variations.  I planned to let it soak for several hours, but since it is so late, I will let it go overnight.

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