Dyeing Cotton

I have been working on some art quilts lately, and was generously gifted some wonderful fabrics.  When I got them, I did a mock-up and photo of the beginnings of a layout I’d like to try.  Since then I have been wanting to hand dye some fabric to go into this quilt.  Today, I purchased the fabric, and started the process of dyeing the cotton.

2 responses to “Dyeing Cotton

  1. Hi,

    This is a great idea, what dyes did you use to hand paint the cotton. I have Dupont dyes and want to see if I can hand paint some sheets.

    Please let me know.


    • Hi Sarah,
      I used Procion Dyes to dye to cotton, and sodium carbonate to set it. I purchased the sodium carbonate at a pool supply store to save money- it did seem cheaper and worked great.

      I tried to use my silk dyes to dye cotton at one point. I found that the colors did dye but were not intense at all; really it was too expensive to use my Dupont dyes that way. So I purchased the Procion powdered ones instead and they were very efficient on the cotton, as long as you use something to help set it like the sodium carbonate.

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