Sketch cat completed

My drawing developed into a painting I chose to finish by cropping it close, for composition sake.  This color palette is not so familiar to me- out of my comfort zone for sure.  Not a jewel tone to be seen…o.k., that is not strictly true.  I do have a bit of bright blue… but still, I did find working with the earth tones of the cat and blanket unfamiliar enough to feel unsettling.  As I worked, the cat had been a darker hue than the blanket, but I felt there was not enough contrast, and went much darker with the fur.

Finished painting under contemplation

Also, I DID challenge myself earlier this month to work with creating shapes, as well as work linearly.  My attempt to do this was the tuxedo area under the cat’s chin.  I do like the results there…

In retrospect, I feel that the drawing was stronger than the finished painting… both in terms of the initial dye sketch and the gutta lines creating the space of the blanket.  Still, I count this painting as successful.  I am happy with the realization of a painting from a live sketch.

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